Investment banker, Alex Masterley started life as a representative of the Yuppie generation in the London Daily News in 1987. When that paper folded later the same year he moved to The Independent. Five years later, in keeping with his treacherous character, he defected to the Daily Telegraph, a move that was accompanied by a nationwide billboard campaign.
    Having always been something of an exhibitionist, Alex is very proud to announce that a show featuring his cartoons is to be held at Viktor Wynd Fine Art. Via a selection of his most popular comic strips, Alex will divulge some of the wisdom and expertise he has acquired on the ‘ars amatori’ over the course of a twenty-year marriage, four affairs and a career’s worth of expense claims from his favourite gentleman’s venue “Peppermint Hippo”.
Alex in Love will be presented in a chronological series of fifty classic cartoon strips, dating from 1987 to the present day, investigating the realm of love, family life and the lure of infidelity within the high powered world of the City. Alex unashamedly values his career above his marriage, while Penny struggles to play the role of his corporate wife, enjoying the perks of her husband’s bountiful salary while lamenting his frequent absence due to work commitments. Sensitive to his wife’s dilemma, Alex develops his own approach to consoling her by getting his secretary to order flowers on their anniversary or rearrange their sex night.
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