For The Last Tuesday Society’s winter show Alice Herrick & Viktor Wynd, will transform the gallery into a Rousseauesque jungle filled with a wondrous selection of perfect stocking fillers - photography, paintings, drawings and prints representing a contemporary Bestiary...regal beasts, enchanted forests, curious creatures and bejewelled nature. The centre of the gallery will be filled with a menagerie of taxidermied animals, from giraffes and polar bears to lion and tiger skeletons, with cabinets by Gunn, Roland Ward, Gerard & Walter Potter amongst lush tropical foliage, orchids and ferns, as Mr.Wynd empties out his apartment and prepares to emigrate to warmer climes in January.
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List of Artists
Leonora Carrington, Natasha Chambers, Angela Cockayne, Adam Dant, Jill Tegan Doherty, Annabel Elgar, Noel Fielding, Nancy Fouts, Jen Franklin, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Bert Gilbert, Carolyn Gowdy, Marcelle Hanselaar, Andy Harper, Lynn Hatzius, Paul Hazelton, Aly Helyer, Dan Hillier, Jimp, Nicholas Jolly, Damien Meade, Hugh Mendes, Raul Pina, Max Reeves, Steph von Reiswitz, Paul Sakoilsky, Lindsay Sekulowicz, David Spero, Tatiana de Stempel, Samantha Sweeting, Raisa Veikkola, Jessica Voorsanger, Daryl Waller, Kate Walters, Simon Willems, EC Woodard.
The vast majority of work for sale will be priced below £300.

Alice Herrick is a London based artist and curator. She has previously produced exhibitions with The House of Fairy Tales in St Ives, Salisbury and London, including a recent show at Saatchi Gallery, also the acclaimed Exquisite Trove, artists and museum curiosities shows, for The New Art Gallery Walsall, Newlyn Art Gallery and Corsham Court, collaborating with artists such as Angela Cockayne, Cornelia Parker, Hadrian Pigott and Gavin Turk.