And in the viewing gallery ...
Marcelle Hanselaar

Glitterbug features an enticing selection of artworks to delight our eyes, hearts and minds in the midst of winter. The golden walls of the intimate gallery will be filled with a myriad of paintings, prints and drawings alongside cabinets of delightfully tempting object d’art.

The exhibiting artists have entered into the warm, glittering, joyous, mischievous spirit of Glitterbug, with many new works made especially for the show.

Glitterbug is the third mid-winter exhibition curated by Alice Herrick for Viktor Wynd, and promises to be beautiful, eclectic and intriguing, conjuring the sensations of desire and wonder in a shrine like environment.

Aly Helyer - 'The Bird Catcher'

Chiara Ambrosio - 'The Night of Wishes'

EC Woodard - 'Five-legged Zebra'

Hugh Mendes - 'Sid Barret (Crazy Diamond)'

Lynn Hatzius - 'Magic Flute'

Maria Teresa Gavazzi - 'Madonna'

Nicholas Jolly- 'The Arrogant Stranger'

Complete list of artist includes... Frida Alvinzi Chiara Ambrosio • Florence Boyd • Robson Cezar • Cedric Christie • Oliver Clegg • Darren Coffield • Angela Cockayne • Rina Donnersmarck • Annabel Elgar • Nancy Fouts • Jen Franklin • Maria Teresa Gavazzi • Bert Gilbert • Carolyn Gowdy • Lynn Hatzius • Paul Hazelton • Aly Helyer • Alice Herrick • Nicholas Jolly • KeelerTornero • Matthew Killick • Nicholas McArthur • Damien Meade • Hugh Mendes • Mark O’Rourke • Raul Pina • Helene Rallo • Max Reeves • Paul Sakoilsky • Liam Scully • Elinor Seath • Lindsay Sekulowicz • David Spero • Geraldine Swayne • Samantha Sweeting • Marty Thornton • Jessica Voorsanger • Simon Willems • EC Woodard • Stephen Wright