The House of Fairy Tales presents a fundraising exhibition of objects and artworks by international artists, designers and film directors, many of whom have contributed to the Exquisite Trove exhibition currently at The New Art Gallery Walsall or have been part of HoFT’s hugely successful 2009 tour of festivals across the country.

The Horn of Plenty will explore folk tales, fables, myths and legends, all cousins of the fairy tale. Beauties and beasts are plentiful in fairy tales and are often the key subject in many of these artists’ work. To celebrate the midwinter season there will be evenings of wine and candlelit stories, music and mystery guests amidst the curiosities of Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors.
The House of Fairy Tales champions the role of creative play in art and was established in 2007 by writer Deborah Curtis and artist Gavin Turk. It is a non- profit arts collective which draws on an extensive team of artists, performers, writers, educationalists, designers, scientists, musicians, film-makers, dreamers and philosophers, who see the projects they create for The House of Fairy Tales as an extension of their art practice. Based in London, it is a nationally and internationally active organization, which uses the vast narrative scope of fairy tales to provide creative, innovative and transformative learning experiences for young people of all ages and their families.

The Horn of Plenty or cornucopia is a symbolic hollow horn filled with the inexhaustible gifts of celebratory fruits. The horn has supernatural powers, which give the person in possession of it whatever he or she wishes for… come fill your horns!

List of Artists :
Frida Alvinzi, Fiona Banner, Simon Bill, Sir Peter Blake, Jim Bond, Christopher Brown, Ellen Cantor, Spartacus Chetwynd, Natasha Chambers, Cedric Christie, Oliver Clegg, Mat Collishaw, Dexter Dalwood, Adam Dant, Enrico David, Ian Dawson, Jeremy Deller, Tatiana de Stempel, Carol Ann Eason, Phoebe Eason, Rohan Daniel Eason, Jill Tegan Doherty, Rina Donnersmarck, Annabel Elgar, Simon English, Gordon Faulds, Nancy Fouts, Jen Franklin, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Bert Gilbert, Jeff McMillan, Rob Goodwin, Carolyn Gowdy, Lynn Hatzius, Alice Herrick, Dan Hillier, Georgie Hopton, Jimp, Nicola Jones, Alan Kane, LEO, Damien Meade, Harland Miller, Annie Morris, Richard Niman, Orly Orbach, Cornelia Parker, Simon Periton, Raul Pina, Max Reeves, Paula Rego, David Roberts, Paul Sakoilsky, Elinor Seath, Lindsay Sekulowicz, Jane Simpson, Bob & Roberta Smith, Kiki Smith, Samantha Sweeting, Katherine Tulloh, Gavin Turk, Francis Upritchard, Raisa Veikkola, Julie Vermeille, Jessica Voorsanger, Jon Welsh, Simon Willems, Rachel Whiteread, E C Woodard.
For more information about the exhibition,
please contact Alice Herrick
+44(0)7976 767943