Viktor Wynd Fine Art Ltd and Emeric Glayse are proud to present the first solo show of Lina Scheynius.

Lina Scheynius is a Swedish photographer. She shows her work in series as pages of an open diary.

The last time I looked at Lina Scheynius' photographs I saw a couple lying on a sofa with a gun, the supermodel MariaCarla in a luxury hotel and a naked guy running on the beach. Each series by Lina Scheynius is a universe in itself, it reflects her world, here and now. Her images are simple, in film, never digital. There is no effect, low-tech style. Sometimes they remind me of my parents pictures. Shown in series, these images interact as a linear Kuleshov Effect on a wall. They create anecdotal situations that leads the viewer to consider the details of everyday life. Lina Scheynius tells us stories between truth and fiction. Her autofiction questions this new question of our phonecam society : where do we draw the line between life and the way to tell it? A journey in beauty. - Emeric Glase

Lina Scheynius was born in Vänersborg (Sweden) in 1981. She lives and works in Paris (France).

Recent exhibitions

2009 - Looking for love, Vidvinkel at Centrum för fotografi, Stockholm (Sweden)
2009 - Vidvinkel + GFC, Stockholms kulturfestival, Stockholm (Sweden)
2009 - Everything is possible: a polaroid groupshow, gallery Space at Space 15 twenty, L.A. (USA)
2009 - Lina Scheynius diary, Slide Nite, Bern (Switzerland)

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