Opening 5th of August 2010

Viktor Wynd first met Raisa Veikkola nearly a decade ago on an art foundation course and he has been obsessed with her work ever since.  In 2003 they collaborated on a series of literary projects featuring poems on the theme of gentle perversion.

It was on the rainy streets of London that Raisa met fellow Scandinavian artist Frida Alvinzi.  With their shared Northern European roots and visual imagination they flew over the puddles and in 2006 The Little Theatre of Dolls was born.

Together, Raisa and Frida create magical puppet shows which lure the onlooker into a fantastical world of limitless possibilities with their beautifully crafted stage sets and exquisite hand made puppets.   Theirs is a sphere of mystery and darkness; an intermingling of sweet and the sinister, which harks back to childhood fairy tales and folklore, but reinvented through their own twisted imaginations to create a wonderful sculptural otherworld.

At Viktor Wynd Fine Art, Raisa and Frida will be transforming their puppet shows into an interactive installation in the form of a topsy turvy living room.  The puppets from various disparate shows (The Story Machine, Little Red Riding Hood, Benjamin B) escape from their deconstructed sets and after years of separation finally revel in the opportunity to share the same stage.

The Little Theatre of Dolls have received wide critical acclaim and their puppet shows been performed at a vast array of venues and events, including The Tate Modern, The V&A, The Barbican, The New Art Gallery Walsall, The Last Tuesday Society's own Events and as part of The House of Fairy Tales at many Festivals. In addition to their puppet work Frida & Raisa have created many murals including the Society’s own shop front and illustrations for our  invitations and posters.

The Little Theatre of Dolls Will Launch their latest puppet show - The Holy Dress - a story that draws on the ancient creation myths. From a universal egg a thought was born that evolves into Eve & Adam. This story happens inside of a dress and both puppeteers are stuck inside. they work as the duel forces, night and day, light and dark, good and evil and manipulate the elements of creation.

7th august & 29th august at 7pm tickets from

-Suitcase (2009)
-The Story Machine (2009)
-Little Red Riding Hood (2008)
-Story For A Little Girl (2008)
-Benjamin B. (2006)

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