All etchings below are £330 unless marked with a different price.
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Look at Me, etching, 20x25 cm, 2001

Facing up, etching/aquatint, 25x18 cm, 2001

Hide and Seek, etching/aquatint , 25x17 cm, 2001

Shadows, etching/aquatint 25x20 cm, 2002

Beasts, etching/aquatint, 24x19 cm, 2002

You Said you Loved me 1, etching/aquatint , 20x25 cm, 2003

You Said you Loved me 2, etching/aquatint, 20x25 cm, 2003

Home Sweet Home (La Menagerie), etching/aquatint, 21x27 cm, 2003

The Return, etching/aquatint ,25x20 cm, 2004

Tied, etching, 19x15 cm, 200 £240

La Petite Mort 8, etching/aquatint , 20x25 cm, 2005

La Petite Mort 11, etching/aquatint, 20x25 cm, 2005

Goddess of suburbia, 18x18.5 cm, etching/aquatint, 2006

There are no Gods in the Garden of Eden 2, etching/aquatint, 30x25cm, 2006

There are no gods in the Garden of Eden 3, etching/aquatint, 30x25 cm, 2007

Le Mariage 3, etching/aquatint, 22x30 cm, 2008

Sleep well my pretty 1, etching, 20x25 cm, 2008

Sleep well my pretty 2, etching, 20x25 cm, 2008