OPENING 12/04/12





Marcelle Hanselaar - Beds 1
20x20cm; oil on canvas; 2012.
"My Beds have become, instead of a place of solace and rest, a place of fine torture."

Marcelle Hansellar - Those bloody hands 1
20x20cm; oil on canvas; 2012.
"Those bloody hands remind me of those dreams in which buried body parts of all kinds of people in your life have become exposed because of some mudslide or earth shift, and you find yourself powerless to rebury those secrets again."

Huge Wilson - Boneless
Charcoal on paper; 2012.
"I made a drawing of a fur as though the skeletal structure had just been removed; I wanted to bring the skeletons back to their use as a practical and functional thing, rather than just as a curiosity."

Claire Morgan - Nipple
18 cm x 18 cm x 230 cm (h); of thistle seeds, bluebottles, nylon, lead, acrylic; 2012.
"It is a hollow ball of seeds, inside which is a dense ball of bluebottles. There is one point where a seed is missing from the shell and has been replaced with a fly, and another fly in front of it, so it seems that the flies might be coming out, escaping from within at this point. The form and the creamy outer texture suggests something skin-like or bodily, and the title Nipple combined with the little trickle of flies coming out make this explicit. Especially in the context of the exhibition of skeletons, I wanted to make something that touched on our relationship with the outside and the inside of our bodies, the unfamiliarity and thus repulsion and fear associated with the internal."