The Directors & Staff of Viktor Wynd Fine Art Inc are delighted to present a fantastic body of work by Tilly Losch in the Gallery.

Tilly Losch is perhaps better known for her prodigious, revolutionary dance talent, her success in the field of drama, or her scandalous antics oft splashed across tabloids of the 1930's and 1940's - but her foray into painting is as noteworthy as her other ventures. Her rapid rise to stardom hit a dramatic obstacle when her severe depression forced her to abandon dance and seek refuge in a foreign sanitarium. Crippled by mental illness, Losch found salvation in art. She began painting revealing self portraits, then immortalising close friends, amongst them Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya, and Anita Loos. Losch also incorporated her intricate knowledge of dance and movement into her art. Even her first exhibition held in New York in 1944 was lauded by the critics, impressing prominent collector Albert C. Barnes so much he was compelled to buy her work. Her acclaim grew only more as her incredible talent evolved and her works were finally purchased by the Tate, perhaps the highest accolade.