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Abigail Larson

Abigail had ambitions of becoming an opera singer and joining the circus whilst growing up. Although neither of those worked out too well, she still enjoys both.
Abigail began drawing with ink and painting with watercolour. She has developed a taste for flat digital colouring, however, and only gets a craving for paint now and again. Her inspirations range from Edgar Allen Poe to Lewis Carr
oll to Dr. Seuss. Her greatest artistic influences have been Arthur Rackham, John William Waterhouse and Edward Gorey. Any spare time that's not spent basking in darkness or enjoying re-runs of the Addams Family, Abigail spends illustrating books or creating art for private clients .
Abigail's work has been exhibited in many galleries across the United States including the Museum of American Illustrators in New York, The Poe Museum of Richmond and Gallery Nucleus in California. She has also participated in many group gallery shows including Halloween Town's annual 'Tribute to the Haunted Mansion' and Crature Features' 'October Shadows' shows.