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Christropher Brown

Christropher Brown has lived in London all his life. He studied at the Royal College of Art where he met and later assisted the master of the linocut Edward Bawden. He is an illustrator, print maker and senior lecturer in Graphic Arts at Liverpool School of Art and visiting lecturer in Fashion Menswear at Central St. Martins and MA Illustration at Camberwell School of Art.

Chris Brown's illustration clients include The Folio Society, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The New Yorker, Bay Tree Food Company, Hand & Eye, Webb & Webb... His work has been exhibited widely in the United Kingdom at The Royal Academy, The Victoria and Albert Museum and St. Jude's Gallery amongst others.

His latest project, An Alphabet of London, has been published by Merrell. The book is a "series of wonderfully whimsical linocuts illustrating every aspect of London past and present, including personalities, buildings, monuments, legends, historic events and other metropolitan icons."